Founded in 1988, UNB is the first fully digitalized private sector wire service in South Asia. Its principal partner in news exchange happens to be the world’s largest wire service, Associated Press (AP).

With an established network of correspondents and reporters in all the 64 districts of Bangladesh, UNB is recognized as the nation’s most dependable and credible source of news and information, serving over 20 million readers both locally and internationally.

UNB traditionally drew its subscriber base from the print media. We are conscious that access to information has changed significantly over the years, and through the convergence of mobile telephone and internet, electronic media is revolutionizing not only the distribution of news/information, but also how news is being created. In preparation for a future where paperless environment is becoming a preferred reality, UNB has floated its own website unb.com.bd from where all UNB information can be retrieved through an interactive interface that encourages readers to discuss pressing matters daily.

As a web portal, UNB aggregates news not only from UNB’s dynamic, wide-ranging network throughout Bangladesh, but also international news through UNB’s partnership with Associated Press.